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TransAmerica Bike Route

What is the Transamerica Bicycle Route?

The TransAmerica trail, or “Bikecentennial ’76” was first conceived by Greg Siple in California in 1972. He, his wife June, and their friends Dan and Lys Burden were riding the Pan-American route from Anchorage, Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina when they decided to find a trail across america. It took four years before the route was actually ridden, in 1976 by 4,100 people – as a commemoration of American independence.

The bicycle trail crosses through ten states and one hundred and twelve counties, and is 4250 miles long (6840KM). It takes in all that America has to offer, in every sense. From passing through historical landmark towns and cities, long stretches of road in the great plains, to awe-inspiring vistas in Colorado and great national parks like Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. It’s simply an amazing bicycle ride. According to Adventure Cycling, the route takes roughly three months to complete.

The TransAmerica bike route passes through the historic Elk Garden section of Russell County, winding its way into the town of Honaker. Be sure to plan your stay at the Biker Hostel in Elk Garden, provided by the Elk Garden Methodist Church.

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TransAmerica Bike Route

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